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At LIFEPharma, one of the key components of our growth strategy is exploring and identifying new opportunities that match with our mission, enhance our corporate goals and further our competitive advantage.

Throughout our development, we focus on three key principles:

Building a time bound and cost effective R&D program that ensures global development.

  • Maximizing our relationship with partners in the global market to ensure long term competitiveness.
  • Increasing our presence in new markets each year.

Listed below are the countries in which our business and products already operate.

Africa Central Asia Europe Middle East
Ethiopia Kazakhstan Croatia Afghanistan
Ghana Maldives Cyprus Bahrain
Ivory Coast Denmark Iraq
Kenya Finland Jordan
Libya Ireland Kuwait
Mauritania East Asia/Pacific Latvia Lebanon
Senegal Australia Netherlands Saudi Arabia
Somalia Hong Kong Norway UAE
South Africa Malaysia Poland Yemen
Uganda Philippines Portugal
Sri Lanka Russia
North America Taiwan Slovenia
Canada Thailand Spain
USA Vietnam Sweden
South America UK
Colombia Ukraine