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KIZAD, Abu Dhabi

KIZAD, Abu Dhabi


KIZAD (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi)

The decision to enter some of the most complicated and disciplined areas of Pharmaceutical manufacturing including Oncology, Vaccines and Sterile Injection manufacture will take the company to new heights of excellence and market penetration. To meet these challenges, an international team of experts is being assembled to become part of the LIFEPharma family with the objective of serving the global community.

Set to be completed by the end of 2018, our state-of-the-art facility in KIZAD will firmly cement LIFEPharma as a multi-faceted, global pharmaceutical company for the future.

  • It will be one of the first commercial oncology production facilities in the Middle East.
  • It is a Green field project.
  • Dosage forms include: Solids (contained/otherwise), Lyophilized, Injections (vials/ampoules/pre-filled syringes) both single use and multiple dose, Hormones and High potency drugs.
  • It is strategically located for being a global distribution/logistics hub.


Dedusting Tunnel Freez Dryer (Lyo)
Mobile Racking Stacker
Sampling Booth (with Isolator) Tablet Printing Machine
Dynamic Pass Box Tabelt Compression -30 Stn or 53 stn (With Isolator, Metal Detector, Hardness detector, Fixed Lifter)
Vial Loader Tabelt Compression -30 Stn or 53 stn (With Isolator, Metal Detector, Hardness detector, Fixed Lifter)
Vial Leak Test Blender – 50 L and 250L
Optical Inspection RMG-120L
Sticker Labelling FBP-120L
Turn Table MultiMill
Blister Packing Sifter
Autocartoonator Printing & Labelling
Ink Jet Printing Desicant Insert Mc
Check Weigher Tablet Counting & Filling
Shrink Wrapping Cotton Inseting
Strapping Machine Induction Sealing
Auto Clave ,
1.2Mx1.5Mx1.8M Chamber
Bottle wash
Rotary Washing Machine TabletInspn Belt
Sterilization Tunnel Auto Coater (Dual Pan)
Vial Filling & Stoppering Mc Capsule Filling Line AF40
Capping Machine IR Drier
External Wash Friability Test Apparatus
Swing Conveyor Dissolution Test Apparatus
Dispensing Booth Moisture Check Apparatus
Oven Door Interlocking
Solution Prep tank 100L with Stirrer, Incubator/oven
Homogeniser/colloid mill Glass Chromatograph
Filter Filter Cleaning Station
Holding Tank Air Compressor
Shower with floor sink Purified Water System, WFI syatem
Drying Machine Chillers
LAF Boiler
PFS Machine Diesel Generator
Plunger Assy Machine Fire Hydrant system
Vial Inspection Table Potable Water system
Lyo Auto Loader